Batten Institute Annual Report

Check out the newest addition to our portfolio.  We created an Annual Report for the Batten Institute at Darden.  It was a joy to work with Derry and the Batten team on yet another successful project! Here’s a teaser… See the rest of the report here.

Fall 2012 Fuels Fix

The Flux Report: Biofuels Edition made the cover of the Fall 2012 Edition of the Fuels Fix! This quarterly publication, produced by our friends at ET Clean Fuels, is distributed to over 13,000 Clean Cities stakeholders and members. We’re excited that The Flux Report is such a hit!

Flux Report: Biodiesel

This month, the Flux Report gives a primer on biodiesel. This versatile, alternative fuel is plagued by misconceptions and misinformation. With data from, we hope to clear the air on this clean burning fuel.

Real Estate Websites

The Beauty of Uniqueness In a world of data overload, real estate is an industry that has one of the highest rates of data exposure to its clients. That can be good or bad, depending on your perspective. A Realtor’s website typically relies on the same data as all of the other real estate websites. […]

ReturnLoop E-commerce

As people’s belongings continue to become smaller and smaller – and more and more important – ReturnLoop stepped up to provide a simple way to retrieve your lost stuff: serial numbered labels that people purchase and adhere to their belongings. For Mike Starr, Founder of ReturnLoop, we set up an e-commerce solution using CRELoaded, an […]

3 Steps to Choosing an E-Commerce Solution

In the past several months, we had the opportunity to work with four different e-commerce shopping cart packages. We compared ZenCart, CRELoaded, OpenCart and Magento. All carts are open source, meaning that the code is completely editable by professionals. CRELoaded is supported by a single company whereas the other three are supported by a community […]

Sang & Serena E-commerce Site

Sang and Serena is a high-end ecolux furniture manufacturer. For their e-commerce project, we started with OpenCart as a base. With a combination of built-in features, extensions and custom programming, we were able to match their workflow needs to a tee, while making their online storefront imminently more attractive. All stores are different when it […]

Summit Prospectus

We have had the good fortune to have the Batten Institute at Darden as a steady client for almost two years! We think they’re great and really enjoy working with people for whom innovation and creativity are so integrated into their day jobs. Our most recent project for them is a Prospectus for the Jefferson […]

Flux Report: Honda Civic Edition

Last month’s edition of the Flux Report compared alt fuel types against each other to show their costs and emissions per mile with data collected from Clean Cities coalitions across the US. An interesting picture emerged. For June we decided to compare apples to apples. In this case, the apples are alt fuel Honda Civics. […]