Rebranding for WorkSource

Rebranding for WorkSource

Dignity. Strength. Community… We’re happy to have refreshed the look for this esteemed organization in our community. WorkSource helps people with disabilities to become more self-sufficient and integrated in our community. Logo, tagline, colors and fonts were part of the brand update package. A special thanks to Chuck McElroy for boldly embarking on this path, […]

Be Known for Something

Be Known for Something

If you’re not known for something, it’s hard to be known at all. I always thought “David” was a boring name. Growing up, I knew so many others with that name. It’s a strong name perhaps, but also plain, common, and already been done. And then there was “Dave”, which just seemed like a lazy […]

How to Shop for a Vehicle in a Hurricane

In 2017, Hurricanes Harvey and Irma swamped Houston and Florida with record amounts of rainfall and storm surges. Fuel prices jumped and shortages ensued. People panicked. Fear not! You can do something to help stop the madness. In 2016, twenty-eight percent of U.S. greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions was from transportation []. With fewer greenhouse gases, […]

When Green Marketing is Destructive

If you have the right market, touting your green credentials can be great for building your brand. But “green” can also be damaging. While companies selling green products love their environmental benefits, green isn’t always an asset when it comes to branding. Psychographics For example, off the top of your head: What percentage of Prius […]

Fuel Cells are Big Business

I attended the Fuel Cell Seminar and Expo #FCS2025 last week to gather information about suppliers in the industry for a US Department of Energy project. It is inspiring to be in the same room with the hundreds of researchers and policy people that have collectively built the technology for a future of clean energy […]

Chief Sustainability Officer

The greening of industry is creating a fundamental shift in the way business is done. Many of the top companies in the world have realized the value of having an individual in the executive and management ranks dedicated to their company’s impact on and use of natural resources. The CSO’s influence shows up in the […]