Monthly Archives: July 2007

Birch Studio in ATL

  Birch Studio recently attended the HOW Conference in Atlanta. “Refresh” was the theme at this years assembly, and we did just that, absorbing the words and images of some of the worlds leading design professionals. About 3,500 designers from all over the country came together for this experience and we met many new friends.We […]

Serving up Fresh, Hot Logo

What makes a good logo? This is a broad question whose answer depends on many factors. What is it that the business does? Who is the audience that they are trying to reach? Cultural influences? Does the client wish to appear mysterious or do they want their logo to say it all?So many influences, and […]

Open Source Retreat brochure design

One of the fastest growing and dynamic categories in the software world is that of the open source community. Open Source Retreat offers a chance to learn from some the best minds in this exciting field. They needed a convention brochure to grab the attention at of programmers and users of open source products. Birch […]