Monthly Archives: April 2009

Workshop: Driving Traffic To Your Website

David Robinson will co-lead a workshop with Todd Tweedy, for the Charlottesville Chamber of Commerce on cost-effectively driving traffic to your website. Topics include search engine optimization (also called organic search), paid search, leveraging social media and email marketing. Download a copy of the presentation on search engine optimization [10.8MB] here.

Awesome Open House!

Our Studio hosted an Open House for the design community and the general public last week & we met lots of interesting people. Some were from other firms, some were architects and some were neighbors. The food was from Everyday Gourmet and the cupcakes were from Cappellino’s Crazy Cakes. We had some recent samples of […]

Kudos from “Make Your Website Worth Visiting” Workshop

I can’t begin to thank you [and Linda Kolker] enough for the seminar this morning. It is clear you were trying to cater to our needs and you succeeded! Now I want to take a week off from my day-job just so I can implement all the suggestions/ideas I absorbed. I am inspired! Thank you […]

Roundtable Meeting with U.S. Senator Mark Warner at Darden

Next week, we will have a discussion with other local small biz owners and the SBA (Small Business Administration) as well as Senator Warner about the 2009 Recovery Act. Otherwise known as The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, it will have a significant impact on small businesses and on the credit crunch. This Act will […]