HemoSonics is a medical device company with groundbreaking technology. The technology reveals information discovered in current research about the body’s hemostatic process, i.e. things that make our blood clot, or not. This project comprised a brochure, copywriting to accentuate and organize product features and an infographic.

Brochure Design
One challenge for this brochure design was that the research is so new that most professionals aren’t aware of some of the critical issues that this device can help them resolve. So, our goals were two-fold: design an infographic that explains in simple terms the current knowledge of hemostasis, and design a brochure that pairs state-of-the-art knowledge with the device’s features.

Infographic Design
The infographic we designed takes into account the multiple biological actions and states that take place in the hemostatic process. We got a crash course in hemostasis from our client in order to produce this piece. Using our proprietary process, we combined our skills in information design with our client’s knowledge to get the look and the message just right.

The tagline, “quick, clear, complete” was the starting point for the brochure copywriting. After some in-depth interviews, we matched the product features with benefits, and put them in terms of the three points in the tagline. This approach makes their brand more holistic, roots the brochure copy back to the tagline, and makes both the copy and the tagline that much stronger together.


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