Monthly Archives: May 2010

New Look! Same Great Taste

Have you ever noticed the phrase “New Look! Same Great Taste” that lots of redesigned food packages boast? You’ve seen it a hundred times. Most likely you never had trouble finding the product in the first place, but nonetheless, the text is there. So, what purpose does it really serve? Do people think that because […]

Meet Whitney French

It’s been a few months since I had a clear enough schedule to sit down and write. We’ve been through many changes recently. The one we are most proud of is bringing on Whitney French with her abundant thirst for knowledge and pursuit of excellence. Whitney started with Birch Studio as an intern and within […]

Indoor Biotechnologies Website

We overhauled and launched, an educational and e-commerce, CMS website for Indoor Biotechnologies in Charlottesville. I wrote earlier about our approach to the package design we created for their Ventia product. Just as packages require design expertise (layout, colors, visual hierarchy) and technical expertise (printing, production, folding, etc), websites require similar attention to user […]