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Birch Studio is a branding and web development agency that provides branding, web development, technical integration, data visualization and infographics with white glove service. As specialists in clean energy and real estate marketing, we have industry-specific knowledge built up over years of research and writing as well as working with clients to achieve their unique marketing goals.

Virginia Energy Efficiency Council logo
Roush CleanTech
Indoor Biotechnologies
Virginia Clean Energy Summit logo
The Fralin Museum of Art logo branding
Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening at the University of Virginia
SNL Financial logo
nTelos logo
harlottesville Albemarle Airport (CHO) logo
Apex Clean Energy logo
Virginia Clean Cities logo
The Epsilon Group logo

We work with companies that are expanding their marketing, refining their message, and explaining complex technologies. Typical projects include logo/brand updates, product catalogs, website overhauls, web-based software development, WordPress plugin development, ad campaigns and conference graphics.

While we have helped a wide variety of companies with marketing and design services since our founding in 1996, our mission, vision and specialized knowledge has lead us to focus mainly on:

  • • clean energy marketing, branding and web development
  • • real estate marketing, branding and web development
  • • alternative transportation fuels marketing, branding and web development

We work with clients across the United States just as well as those in our backyard. Our process of meetings, reviews, sharing critical notes and feedback, providing creative options, and explanations behind all of our thinking has enabled us to succeed and serve our clients well for over twenty years. All work is done digitally and archived to help clients build a clear, organized brand asset library.

Some current and former clients include University of Virginia, Indoor Biotechnologies, Apex Clean Energy, ROUSH CleanTech, Secure Futures, Virginia Clean Cities, Virginia Energy Efficiency Council, MDV-SEIA, LEAP, Pearl Certification, Aker Wade Power Technologies, Virginia Renewable Energy Alliance, US Department of Energy.

We run on wind power, EVs and sustainably farmed coffee.



VA Clean Energy Summit <h2>2019 Conference Branding</h2>
VA Clean Energy Summit
MDV-SEIA <h2>Solar Focus Conference Branding</h2>
Solar Focus 2019
Apex Clean Energy <h2>Wind and Solar Project Icons</h2>
Apex Clean Energy
Aker Wade <h2>User Interface Design</h2>
Aker Wade Power Tech


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