Monthly Archives: September 2008

Creating Artifacts, continued

The conceptual premise of The Center for the Constitution’s brochure was that we tacitly understand contextual clues in our environment. We instantaneously observe the materials, textures, level of precision, craftsmanship, style, colors and so on. Through some amount of cultural acclimation, we are able to look at man-made objects and glean some idea of whence […]

Montpelier: Constitution for Kids 

Montpelier, the home of James Madison, opened The Center for The Constitution to educate our citizenry on the Constitution and its role in public life. Acknowleging that the founding document has no animation, sound effects or virtual connectivity, Sean O’Brien, Executive Director of The Center, challenged us to create some collateral that would bridge the […]

New Employees

Birch Studio has had 3 new folks join our team here recently. Mike Kanasink (designer) and Frank DeRosa (programmer) came to us several months ago and Jill Williams (designer) most recently. Their pics and bios are coming shortly. You will be hearing much more about them!