Caveat Venditor: Ecommerce Shakedowns

Caveat emptor (buyer beware) is a phrase that most of us know. With ecommerce and accessible website development coming to our attention, we’ve arrived at a time where seller beware – caveat venditor – is even more important to online retailers. Selling online has become a necessity for many businesses. With popular ecommerce platforms such […]

Replacing the Wings Mid-Flight

Websites grow tired. They want to be updated to continue looking as good as the day they were built. A common problem for successful companies ready to update their website is that nobody has the time to divert to such a big undertaking. It sometimes feels like replacing the wings on an airplane while in […]

Note Taking for the Win

Each business has a process for customer intake. Doctors ask what symptoms you’re experiencing; lawyers look at your risk exposure; business consultants look at your challenges and opportunities. And almost universally, they all take some sort of notes. What’s usually missing, however, is the ability to confirm that your service providers heard and understand your […]

Two Types of Information Seekers

Generally speaking, there are low-information people and high-information people. Low-information customers trust their vendors as authorities on a subject and tend to not ask a lot of questions. They don’t see themselves as partners in solving the problem. They are true consumers. High-information users may also have that trust, but they tend to ask more […]

Aesthetics Don’t Often Solve Problems

Everyone has their opinion, and even those opinions can change depending on one’s mood and context. It’s nice to build something so good looking that people say “That’s cool. What does it do?” But it’s usually not the aesthetics of something that solves problems. What isn’t subjective is clarity. Either someone gets the point or […]

Digital Marketing Loves Metrics

Digital Marketing Loves Metrics

If you have a website, you probably know that you can get metrics on number of visits, where people came from, how long they stayed, what pages they visited along the way, etc. This, and much more, is made possible by Google Analytics (among others). Like many things, it’s straightforward once you get into it, […]

Creative Directors and Light Bulbs

Creative Directors and Light Bulbs

Question: How many Creative Directors does it take to screw in a light bulb? Answer: Does it have to be a light bulb? This one’s a joke of course, but once you ask the right question, you’re well on your way to finding the answer. Different answers open our eyes to more different answers, and […]

Be Known for Something

Be Known for Something

If you’re not known for something, it’s hard to be known at all. I always thought “David” was a boring name. Growing up, I knew so many others with that name. It’s a strong name perhaps, but also plain, common, and already been done. And then there was “Dave”, which just seemed like a lazy […]

The Question Holds the Answer

Q: How many Art Directors does it take to screw in a light bulb? A: Does it have to be a light bulb? It’s a joke of course, but it’s worth asking the question for the simple fact that you might come up with a different answer had you never asked. One of my favorite […]