Sang & Serena

Sang and Serena is a high-end ecolux furniture manufacturer. For their e-commerce project, we started with OpenCart as a base. With a combination of built-in features, extensions and custom programming, we were able to match their workflow needs to a tee, while making their online storefront imminently more attractive.

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All stores are different when it comes to shipping, taxes, discounts, return policies and the like. Building a shopping cart to streamline transactions is a worthy endeavor. It can be a great timesaver and convenience to you and your clients.

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Automating your sales process requires careful consideration. You should review which processes you are satisfied with and which would save you time and money to automate. Are you used to processing credit cards immediately, or do you hold a client’s number? Do you ship partial orders? How do you charge for those? How do you track inventory? How do you handle discounts? Do you have types of customers that qualify for different pricing levels?

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We are proud to have delivered a site that highlights Sang and Serena’s gorgeous furniture and makes the shopping process simple for their clients. Visit the website at


  1. Serena

    Thanks, Birch Studio! We have been incredibly happy with the result of our hard work together. The design is exactly as we had pictured it— if not better, and the e-commerce capabilities alleviate a lot of paperwork needs. Thanks so much for all of your customizations, patience, and good spirits throughout the process. We look forward to a continued relationship with you!

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