How do you sell one house over another? You look for what makes them unique, you look for features that will meet the buyer’s goals, and you help your client connect the dots. Details turn into features. Features turn into benefits. Benefits turn into satisfied home buyers.

Now, what if you flipped the mirror for a minute? How do you sell yourself over a field of other realtors? What are the differences between you and them? What things do you know about the client/home/area for that will help make a better decision?

All business is personal. People work with people they like and can identify with. The better you can broadcast to your prospective clients what your features and benefits are, the more likely the ones that really want to work with you will find you. And then you’ll be able to help them better.

Think about the homes you’ve helped buy or sell, the motivations for your clients move to a new home and the lifestyle characteristics they were trying to achieve. What problems have you seen that are common among your clients? What problems can you solve easily for your clients?

As an example, Birch Studio is a branding and design firm that specializes in building custom MLS websites. We’re really good at asking the right questions and helping you discover the answers. We know how to build attractive MLS real estate websites that work well for all parties – realtors, homebuyers and search engines.

If you’re able to fill a page with answers to those questions, you’ll be well on your way to letting everyone know how unique you really are.