Monthly Archives: October 2007

Pumpkin Carving

Untitled Document We used our weekly "DesignPlay" time to do the creative work of carving interesting pumpkin designs… A bit messy at first, but the results were spectacular!       Scared face, Trick-or-Treaters, Dick Cheney and Skull pumpkins!

Local Motion Campaign for Active Living

In addition to the branding of Local Motion, which included a logo and marketing materials, the campaign required a website that would fulfill their unique needs. The clincher for Local Motion was that they would have many partners who would ideally be able to create their own events on the website and give the administrators […]

Blog as Content Management System

    We’ve all heard of blogs. What you may not know is that a blog is a database-driven content management system that, with some agile programming, can be bent to your very will. Using WordPress as the base, we applied it’s web-based administrative area, categories, and multi-level user accounts to make a website for […]