CVG/EntreNet Annual Business Forum

Birch Studio is proud to have been a sponsor of this past Annual Business Forum held at Darden. The Forum brought together dozens of leading business thinkers on topics ranging from business plan development to capital financing to growth metrics. We created the posters, ads and program around the Forum theme, Mission Possible: Cracking the […]

Event Branding

Long before your first guest arrives, you decide the tone of your event. Your invitations – be they printed or online – give people clues about the mood and purpose. Whether sponsored by a corporation, a non-profit or a club, events are their own unique entities. But like a business, they need to be announced, […]

Auto-reply email

Auto-reply email is a great way to get away from the office without the guilt of leaving email messages unanswered. The online world’s equivalent of changing the message on your voicemail, you can include any message that you want in the email as it automatically “replies” to any email that you receive. This is also […]

Designing for bulk mail

Bulk mail and the discounts offered are a wonderful communication medium. However, nothing turns a stomach faster than realizing that you have just printed 5000 postcards and didn’t leave enough room for the post office to put it’s bar code on the bottom. Generally speaking, you’ll want to leave a space about 3″ high x […]

Birch Studio Receives Another Reward

We are proud to announce that we won an award last week from the Central Virginia American Marketing Association. We took home the Silver prize in the Excellence in Print Ads category. The ad campaign was recognized for “its unique approach of using a personality to differentiate a professional service.” Our client, Tom Seeley, a […]

2-color printing vs. 4-color proofs

As far as we’ve come in inkjet and laser printer technology, there is still one major drawback from a proofing perspective: Printers as a rule print with four colors to make up a “full-color” piece – namely cyan, magenta, yellow and black. There are some spot colors which simply cannot be recreated accurately with these […]

One-Stop Shop

When podiatrist Dr. Christopher B. Stewart needed a brochure, he needed detailed medical illustrations to show some of the more common foot ailments he treats. He had good photos and x-rays but only a custom illustration could tell the whole story. We selected our best illustrator for the job, created a custom map for directions […]

Paper: Low-cost, high-impact

The one thing that is often overlooked in print design is paper. Not necessarily the type of paper – you probably are well aware that there are countless options to choose from – but rather, how the paper is folded, how the color of the paper interacts with the overall design and how different paper […]

Lead Time for Printing

The most popular time to have work completed is always yesterday. That being said, things do take time. Take printing for instance: simple one and two color jobs without folds have the fastest turn-arounds. Full-color runs may require drying time between colors, depending on the machine being used. Jobs to be folded or scored need […]

Solidify Your Web Identity

On the Internet, there are several options for the “extension” that follows a domain name (i.e. .com, .biz, .net, .info, .us). If you want to ensure you completely own that identity, you can easily register your domain with all of the available extensions. That way, your audience won’t have to wonder if you’re a .com, […]