Using custom photography in design

    Almost all graphic design uses some form of photography to a greater or lesser degree. A great photo can make a very successful graphic piece. Images can be obtained from “stock” photo sellers, which offer a wide range of image choice. However, this route does not always produce just the right photo the […]

Now you’re cooking

    The Charlottesville Cooking School is a great example of some of our custom photography in action. The owner came to us looking to bring vibrancy and color to her new business suite. A great benefit of in-house photography is being able to have the client interact with us in the creation of their […] website relaunch

A consultant for highly sensitive people, Jessica Thayer needed to have her website updated and refreshed. We went through everything from images to code with a fine-tooth comb. Search engine optimization, menu structure, content, colors—all were addressed, giving Jessica the very best web presence possible.

Birch Studio in ATL

  Birch Studio recently attended the HOW Conference in Atlanta. “Refresh” was the theme at this years assembly, and we did just that, absorbing the words and images of some of the worlds leading design professionals. About 3,500 designers from all over the country came together for this experience and we met many new friends.We […]

Serving up Fresh, Hot Logo

What makes a good logo? This is a broad question whose answer depends on many factors. What is it that the business does? Who is the audience that they are trying to reach? Cultural influences? Does the client wish to appear mysterious or do they want their logo to say it all?So many influences, and […]

Open Source Retreat brochure design

One of the fastest growing and dynamic categories in the software world is that of the open source community. Open Source Retreat offers a chance to learn from some the best minds in this exciting field. They needed a convention brochure to grab the attention at of programmers and users of open source products. Birch […]

Birch Studio donates to American Forests

We participate as often as possible in programs that make life on this planet better for all of us. One of our contributions this year was to make a donation to the American Forests Global ReLeaf program at their “Tree Steward” level to plant 100 trees. This gets us closer to our goal to reduce […]

WNRN “Stay Human” ad series

We just completed work with Charlottesville’s commercial-free radio station WNRN on a new ad series. The “Stay Human” ads are focused on the theme of resisting behemoth corporate programming and the “machine” of big business with stark images of unseen overlords. The ads ask the question: Who’s controlling your radio? They also remind us that […]

Birch Studio underwrites Living on Earth

Since it is a long-time favorite of Birch Studio, we are especially proud to underwrite NPR’s Living on Earth program running Mondays at 6:30 pm on WVTF radio. We are the sponsor of the program for the next twelve months. Every week approximately 300 public radio stations broadcast Living on Earth’s news, features, interviews and […]

Birch Studio launches new website

We’re proud to peel the wrapping off of our new website. This complete re-do represents 5 more years of growth and development (the last site was that old) and hundreds more projects under our belt. Our portfolio is now geared to highlight fuller brand identities applied over a variety of projects. To do our part […]