Telecommuting to Birch Studio

Melissa Aquino, a veteran with Birch Studio, comes to work everyday via Tucson, Arizona thanks to instant messaging and video chat. We set up IM through Apple’s iChat. Then we got excited about its audio chat feature. Then we found its video chat feature. Video chat! We get to run our staff meetings through video […]

Sally Caithness joins Birch Studio

Sally Caithness hails from Edinburgh Scotland. She studied Graphic Design at Watkins College of Art & Design in Tennessee and the world-famous Glasgow School of Art in the UK. Sally draws her original and creative inspiration from a wide interplay of various sources including photography, travel, film, music and art.

Wes Boyd joins Birch Studio

Coming to Birch Studio late summer ’06, Wes Boyd, a Boston area native, brings to the firm over 10 years of experience as a designer. Trained as an illustrator, he approaches design with an artistic knowledge informed by a love of all innovative media. Wes continually evolves creatively through photography, writing and screen printing art. […]

CMYK and other fun facts

If you have ever created printed materials, you may have heard the term “CMYK”. CMYK represents Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. These colors combine in four-color process printing to approximate the visible color spectrum. The colors layer on top of each other during the printing process to achieve the final full-color image on paper. The […]

Impressions are made in the blink of an eye. Make the first blink a good one.

In our decade in business, we’ve seen first hand how the public’s perception of a business changes following an overhaul of its marketing materials. The better the impression (and reputation), the easier it is to sell. Like it or not, people rate and assign value to your brand based on how well it presents. It’s […]

Climate Cool

We are proud to announce Birch Studio has just become climate neutral by donating to a wind-energy organization. The donation is enough to purchase the amount of wind power that will run our office for a year. And, we’re in good company. Other certified Climate Cool businesses are: Aveda Corporation, Stonyfield Farm, The Timberland Company, […]

Search engine optimization

Did you know that some basic edits to your website can help results on sites like Google and Yahoo, without expensive keyword buys? SEO– or Search Engine Optimization– is composed of keywords, site copy, & link popularity. By optimizing your site, you can make it come up in natural way on the search engines. It’s […]

Color matters

Color is one element that can define your business. Blue is a calming and comfortable color that instills trustworthiness. Red is an emotionally intense color that speeds your breath and heartbeat. It’s not too late to consider the characteristics of color and your business, even if you already have a corporate logo. Companies constantly re-invent […]

To increase efficiency and impact of marketing

Repetition is so often the key to success in marketing. If you have a limited amount of time to reach your audience, using several forms of media increases the saturation and repetition rates on a compressed schedule. This is seen most in event and sale promotions. Newspaper ads, direct mail, websites, radio and television ads […]

…On being a part of your marketing materials

Well-done trade show graphics make a great impression in real-time and allow you to immediately engage in conversation with your prospects. Making your graphics larger-than-life can make a huge impact by accentuating your better feature’s and by projecting a clear focus across a longer distance. With your sales people attending your booth, they will not […]