Goal setting for websites

The Internet is so ubiquitous, sometimes it’s easy to forget that it’s not a single monolithic tool, but a combination of websites that each have their own purpose. It’s plainly obvious, but deserves restating: different websites have different functions. It is your job as the owner of the website to make sure it does what […]

Tangible products out of thin air

Many of our clients are start-up companies or have new products they are promoting. Often, they need to start marketing before they even have the products so they can get a jump on sales and prove viability. As you might imagine it would be hard to market a product you don’t even have a sample […]

Symmetry in design

The first impression your customers have is created in many ways: quality of product/service, personality of employees, cleanliness of your store, etc. But before they even get to your place of business or in front of your product, the first impression is made by your marketing materials. Your website, brochure and ads are your opportunity […]

Fourth dimension helpful in marketing

As the old saying goes, pictures are worth a thousand words. Photographs and icons certainly add to your message, but for complex processes or products, animation can be an extremely useful tool to educate your audience. The animation can include the typical static elements such as logos, icons and photos but it also has the […]

Aker Wade Power Technologies

Aker Wade, a Charlottesville-based engineering and manufacturing firm that sells to major industrial concerns, contracted Birch Studio to create a simple presentation that quickly and easily describes the concept of fast charging – the basic principle of their main product line. Their audience has used the existing battery chargers for decades and has only barely […]

Promoting Success with Newsletters

Telling your customers and prospects what your business does is a sure path to success. Newsletters help you do that in a repetitive and flexible format. Whether it’s a new product release, a nuance of an existing service or a common question, a newsletter is an optimal message delivery vehicle. Some of the things our […]

The Ceiling and Floor Shop

After being in business for decades, the main goal of The Ceiling and Floor Shop website was not to increase their business as much as assist their existing clients with their product line before coming into the store to buy. We designed and programmed The Ceiling and Floor Shop website which contains an extensive product […]

CVG/EntreNet Annual Business Forum

Birch Studio is proud to have been a sponsor of this past Annual Business Forum held at Darden. The Forum brought together dozens of leading business thinkers on topics ranging from business plan development to capital financing to growth metrics. We created the posters, ads and program around the Forum theme, Mission Possible: Cracking the […]

Event Branding

Long before your first guest arrives, you decide the tone of your event. Your invitations – be they printed or online – give people clues about the mood and purpose. Whether sponsored by a corporation, a non-profit or a club, events are their own unique entities. But like a business, they need to be announced, […]

Auto-reply email

Auto-reply email is a great way to get away from the office without the guilt of leaving email messages unanswered. The online world’s equivalent of changing the message on your voicemail, you can include any message that you want in the email as it automatically “replies” to any email that you receive. This is also […]