We are proud to announce that we won an award last week from the Central Virginia American Marketing Association. We took home the Silver prize in the Excellence in Print Ads category. The ad campaign was recognized for “its unique approach of using a personality to differentiate a professional service.”

Our client, Tom Seeley, a realtor with Real Estate III, hired us to create a distinctive image for his business. The only requirement was that it be a simple and memorable series of full page color ads for the Real Estate Weekly. Tom has been receiving great feedback on the ads for more than a year now.

Most real estate ads focus on houses, but since Tom was the real product we were selling, we used close-up on-site photography by Stacey Evans and enhanced the photos with a drop shadow around Tom to make him the main focal point in the ads. The secondary goal was to correlate him with new construction. That was done with the photo location as well as the copy we created.