• September 25, 2004
  • Tips

Long before your first guest arrives, you decide the tone of your event. Your invitations – be they printed or online – give people clues about the mood and purpose. Whether sponsored by a corporation, a non-profit or a club, events are their own unique entities. But like a business, they need to be announced, promoted and hyped.

Your announcements for the event establish the style and expectations of the event in participants’ minds well before the crucial day, and have a significant impact on attendance. The invitations, posters, website, program for an event are critical because there are fewer of them and they often are a one-time shot. Another part of the inviting process is accepting RSVPs. It is important to keep in mind what methods of feedback you will allow your guests to use (i.e. reply card, web reservations, email). You want something that will match the style and level of formality of the event while allowing you to gather all of the information you need to succeed as the organizer.