• April 7, 2006
  • News

We are proud to announce Birch Studio has just become climate neutral by donating to a wind-energy organization. The donation is enough to purchase the amount of wind power that will run our office for a year.

And, we’re in good company. Other certified Climate Cool businesses are: Aveda Corporation, Stonyfield Farm, The Timberland Company, and Charlottesville’s own Dave Matthews Band!

Birch’s donation will reduce 8 tons of CO2 pollution in a year. This supports the annual use in an average home or that of one small truck for a year.

The organization that runs this program is NativeEnergy. Ways to consider this:
Supporting NativeEnergy is like planting trees but we helped to “plant” a new wind farm for its share of CO2 benefits.
Birch Studio’s donation will help finance the wind farm that delivers clean, renewable electricity to the energy grid. This displaces energy that would otherwise be generated by burning fossil fuels.
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