Top 5 Tips & Tricks: PDFs

I suspect that PDFs are way more versatile than you know. You probably have seen form fields in a PDF. PDFs also include lots of features that are common on web pages – linking between pages, check boxes, pull-down menus and more. They also allow some of the same high-powered functionality that websites do such […]

Eye Candy That’s Food for Thought

Two things that food and information have in common: the more attractive and richer it is, the more we want it. When you’re really hungry, almost anything tastes good. Eat too much, and it has detrimental effects. The same is true with information. Most of us have more than enough, and it starts to slow […]

Creative for the Holidays

This article is not a tip on what I’ve done as the Creative Director of a Birch Studio, but some information about excellence in general that will hopefully give you license to enhance your own creative skills. I was just reading Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers. He provides historical facts about many of the world’s top […]

Define Your Clients Then Approach With Precision

It stands to reason that since every office has a computer, every office has computer problems. How does the average computer owner or office manager know who to call? How do you choose one tech-support company over another? NWG Solutions hired Birch Studio to answer that question in their favor. Being in business since 2001, […]

What is a Creative Firm Doing Talking About Process?

How blue is blue? Does it have a tinge of green in it? Can it be more like the ocean at midday? Maybe it’s more of a cornflower blue. A little less saturation and then more toward the purple… In a creative or web development process, there are many things to communicate, some clear as […]

Customer Loyalty in at Least Three Parts

The American Consumer Satisfaction Index out this month shows that Sprint Nextel’s rating jumped 11% from 2009 to 2010. The increase for the telecom industry over the same period was an average of 4.1%. This is wonderful news for Sprint Nextel, but it turns out that it only brings them up to par with their […]

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Part 3

In the last installment, I covered matching words and phrases on your website to those that a potential customer may use to search for your service or product. I also cleared up the mystery of meta tags. This month, the topic is tweaks that you can make in your HTML code for better optimization. Let’s […]

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Part 2

In the last installment, I covered basic search tactics – how people type what they want to find. In a nutshell, more specific search terms yields more specific results. Your job is to match those specific terms on your site. And preferably in the order people type them in. Words Moving on, here’s the hierarchy […]