nwg_solutions_hand_tn1.jpg It stands to reason that since every office has a computer, every office has computer problems. How does the average computer owner or office manager know who to call? How do you choose one tech-support company over another?

NWG Solutions hired Birch Studio to answer that question in their favor. Being in business since 2001, they knew plenty about what they did well and how they provide the most value to their clients. Our goal was to find out how they do it better than anyone else, what makes them so different (in a quantifiable way) how they get new customers and why their customers are so dedicated to them.

NWG Solutions Brochure

To get first-hand knowledge, Birch Studio began by interviewing NWG’s customers. Everything that the NWG staff had said was reinforced by the interviews but from a different point of view. And perhaps most importantly, with different words. The blend of the information from both sides of the relationship allowed us to craft a much more targeted message that married the features they provide with the benefits their clients experience.

Simultaneously, we researched NWG’s competition to determine the expertise that was unique to NWG, to know how other firms describe their business and to ensure that NWG’s message was clearly their own.

NWG Solutions Yellow Pages Ad

Our findings revealed that:

  • they are the only Microsoft-certified company in their service area, and one of only a few in Virginia
  • their competition doesn’t focus exclusively on the same targeted services
  • the size of their ideal customer lends itself to certain needs and efficiencies
  • they get the bulk of their new customers for a few definable reasons

Following our interviews and research, we wrote copy and designed a brochure, a flier and a yellow pages ad to convert the findings into a campaign. We created a name and logo for their new product as well.

NWG Solutions Flier

Services / Work Performed

  • interview staff and clients
  • research competition
  • write copy
  • design large-format brochure
  • design yellow pages ad
  • create name and logo for new product
  • design product flier