3 Steps to Distinguish Yourself as a Realtor

Previously, we talked about strategies to improve your real estate web presence. Here are some tips for realtors looking to take their brand to the next level. Realtors operate in a crowded industry. To thrive and improve it is important to distinguish yourself as a realtor. A common approach is to focus on a subset […]

5 Practical Tips for Software Design

By now, you’ve experienced the wonder of web-based software. Virtually everyone in the modern world uses it when they get online. A few examples include online banking, maps, web-based email, photo-sharing sites and Facebook. Web-based software does just about anything you can imagine with data. For the most part, well-designed software doesn’t make you aware […]

The Impact of “A”

Welcoming guests and clients to Birch Studio, we offer water to drink: “Would you like some water?” “A water would be great, thanks.” We say “some” water, they say “a” water. It’s such a slight turn of phrase but it illustrates the power of a single word. “Some” is served in a glass and “a” […]

Creative for the Holidays

This article is not a tip on what I’ve done as the Creative Director of a Birch Studio, but some information about excellence in general that will hopefully give you license to enhance your own creative skills. I was just reading Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers. He provides historical facts about many of the world’s top […]

What is a Creative Firm Doing Talking About Process?

How blue is blue? Does it have a tinge of green in it? Can it be more like the ocean at midday? Maybe it’s more of a cornflower blue. A little less saturation and then more toward the purple… In a creative or web development process, there are many things to communicate, some clear as […]

Customer Loyalty in at Least Three Parts

The American Consumer Satisfaction Index out this month shows that Sprint Nextel’s rating jumped 11% from 2009 to 2010. The increase for the telecom industry over the same period was an average of 4.1%. This is wonderful news for Sprint Nextel, but it turns out that it only brings them up to par with their […]

New Look! Same Great Taste

Have you ever noticed the phrase “New Look! Same Great Taste” that lots of redesigned food packages boast? You’ve seen it a hundred times. Most likely you never had trouble finding the product in the first place, but nonetheless, the text is there. So, what purpose does it really serve? Do people think that because […]


I’ve recently had the opportunity to name 1) a business and 2) a child. As abstract as names are, they matter. With a business, there is an expectation – actually, a necessity – that the name be unique. With a person, the trend is just the opposite. A quick browse through all of the names […]