Blog as Content Management System

    We’ve all heard of blogs. What you may not know is that a blog is a database-driven content management system that, with some agile programming, can be bent to your very will. Using WordPress as the base, we applied it’s web-based administrative area, categories, and multi-level user accounts to make a website for […]

The Power of Duotone

    Printing your marketing materials can be an expensive proposition. However, cutting costs does not mean cutting quality—in design or otherwise. There are many creative ways to have your printed pieces retain impact while not hurting your wallet. One of these is the printing format duotone. The typical full-color print job is separated for […]

Using custom photography in design

    Almost all graphic design uses some form of photography to a greater or lesser degree. A great photo can make a very successful graphic piece. Images can be obtained from “stock” photo sellers, which offer a wide range of image choice. However, this route does not always produce just the right photo the […]

CMYK and other fun facts

If you have ever created printed materials, you may have heard the term “CMYK”. CMYK represents Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. These colors combine in four-color process printing to approximate the visible color spectrum. The colors layer on top of each other during the printing process to achieve the final full-color image on paper. The […]

Impressions are made in the blink of an eye. Make the first blink a good one.

In our decade in business, we’ve seen first hand how the public’s perception of a business changes following an overhaul of its marketing materials. The better the impression (and reputation), the easier it is to sell. Like it or not, people rate and assign value to your brand based on how well it presents. It’s […]

Search engine optimization

Did you know that some basic edits to your website can help results on sites like Google and Yahoo, without expensive keyword buys? SEO– or Search Engine Optimization– is composed of keywords, site copy, & link popularity. By optimizing your site, you can make it come up in natural way on the search engines. It’s […]

Color matters

Color is one element that can define your business. Blue is a calming and comfortable color that instills trustworthiness. Red is an emotionally intense color that speeds your breath and heartbeat. It’s not too late to consider the characteristics of color and your business, even if you already have a corporate logo. Companies constantly re-invent […]

To increase efficiency and impact of marketing

Repetition is so often the key to success in marketing. If you have a limited amount of time to reach your audience, using several forms of media increases the saturation and repetition rates on a compressed schedule. This is seen most in event and sale promotions. Newspaper ads, direct mail, websites, radio and television ads […]

…On being a part of your marketing materials

Well-done trade show graphics make a great impression in real-time and allow you to immediately engage in conversation with your prospects. Making your graphics larger-than-life can make a huge impact by accentuating your better feature’s and by projecting a clear focus across a longer distance. With your sales people attending your booth, they will not […]

Goal setting for websites

The Internet is so ubiquitous, sometimes it’s easy to forget that it’s not a single monolithic tool, but a combination of websites that each have their own purpose. It’s plainly obvious, but deserves restating: different websites have different functions. It is your job as the owner of the website to make sure it does what […]