InBio Ventia Packaging

Based on the strength of an exclusive portfolio of monoclonal antibodies, Indoor Biotechnologies has become the world leader in detection of indoor allergens. In addition to the antibodies, InBio developed a consumer product kit to detect household allergens. The kit consists of a dozen parts in a clear plastic clamshell. The challenge they brought to […]

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in a few simple steps

[ This is the first in a series of SEO articles.] I led a workshop for the Charlottesville Chamber of Commerce a few months back and realized how many myths and questions there were about SEO. I want to dispel some myths and answer a few questions in the space of the next few editions […]

Slicing Your Demographics

This is the science of slicing people – well – groups of people, into segments that can be isolated, measured, tracked, tested and solicited to. This sounds like a cold way to look at humanity. The good news in this is that you don’t need to feel manipulative to simply ensure that the people who […]

CHO Marketing Plan

The Charlottesville-Albemarle Regional Airport (CHO) is a client that serves a wonderfully diverse group of people. In fact, the group is so diverse, we can divide it up into several smaller groups. That is exactly our approach to reaching their audience with an effective tailored message. We know that everyone has different interests when selecting […]

What would you do with a bailout?

Quick question: You get word that your organization will be receiving an unexpected sum of money. What do you do with it? It’s a question I like to ask myself from time to time. I’d be quite happy to actually have that unexpected infusion but that’s not the point. For me, it is an exercise […]

Lincoln Surveying … Relaunched

Lincoln Surveying has been a professional land surveyor for over 20 years. As they began working through a process to take their venerable business to the next level, they saw the need to update marketing materials to represent the firm in a more professional way. The image of yore was one that reflected a roll-up-your-sleeves, […]

Build Your Brand with Artifacts

In the August 2008 and September 2008 tips I touched on the significance of creating artifacts for your organization. This month, I’ll take that to the next logical step: building your brand with artifacts. As with historic artifacts, the more we find, the more we know about a past civilization. Each part holds information about […]

Honoring Virginia’s State Royalty

The 2008 Sorensen Gala was held in honor of Senator John Warner in Washington DC this past spring.  It was attended by current and past Virginia governors and senators, including Governors Mark Warner and Tim Kaine. The event honored Senator Warner’s service to the Commonwealth over the past several decades. Of special note: All of […]

Creating Artifacts, continued

The conceptual premise of The Center for the Constitution’s brochure was that we tacitly understand contextual clues in our environment. We instantaneously observe the materials, textures, level of precision, craftsmanship, style, colors and so on. Through some amount of cultural acclimation, we are able to look at man-made objects and glean some idea of whence […]

Montpelier: Constitution for Kids 

Montpelier, the home of James Madison, opened The Center for The Constitution to educate our citizenry on the Constitution and its role in public life. Acknowleging that the founding document has no animation, sound effects or virtual connectivity, Sean O’Brien, Executive Director of The Center, challenged us to create some collateral that would bridge the […]