Changing VEFC to Volunteer Families

The goals established for this project were to create a memorable name for the organization; create a logo that balance caring, vulnerability, family and individuals; and create a brochure, website and branding guide. The name The original name was Virginia Emergency Families for Children. While the name is an accurate technical description, it was too […]

Define Your Clients Then Approach With Precision

It stands to reason that since every office has a computer, every office has computer problems. How does the average computer owner or office manager know who to call? How do you choose one tech-support company over another? NWG Solutions hired Birch Studio to answer that question in their favor. Being in business since 2001, […]

Customer Loyalty in at Least Three Parts

The American Consumer Satisfaction Index out this month shows that Sprint Nextel’s rating jumped 11% from 2009 to 2010. The increase for the telecom industry over the same period was an average of 4.1%. This is wonderful news for Sprint Nextel, but it turns out that it only brings them up to par with their […]

Case Study: Telecom Website Redesign

Founded in 1897, nTelos has kept pace with the times and provided services to dedicated customers in the Central Virginia region. They hold their own against the big four telecoms through unparalleled customer service. Birch Studio has been a customer of nTelos since 1998 and has told everyone looking for a phone company about their […]

Annual Report Design for DC Metro Police

Not all police agencies are created equal. In late 2009, we had the opportunity to work with the Washington DC Metro Transit Police Department (MTPD) on their annual report. They are the professionals in charge of the safety and security of millions of people within one of our nation’s largest public transportation systems which also […]

New Look! Same Great Taste

Have you ever noticed the phrase “New Look! Same Great Taste” that lots of redesigned food packages boast? You’ve seen it a hundred times. Most likely you never had trouble finding the product in the first place, but nonetheless, the text is there. So, what purpose does it really serve? Do people think that because […]

Meet Whitney French

It’s been a few months since I had a clear enough schedule to sit down and write. We’ve been through many changes recently. The one we are most proud of is bringing on Whitney French with her abundant thirst for knowledge and pursuit of excellence. Whitney started with Birch Studio as an intern and within […]

Indoor Biotechnologies Website

We overhauled and launched, an educational and e-commerce, CMS website for Indoor Biotechnologies in Charlottesville. I wrote earlier about our approach to the package design we created for their Ventia product. Just as packages require design expertise (layout, colors, visual hierarchy) and technical expertise (printing, production, folding, etc), websites require similar attention to user […]

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Part 3

In the last installment, I covered matching words and phrases on your website to those that a potential customer may use to search for your service or product. I also cleared up the mystery of meta tags. This month, the topic is tweaks that you can make in your HTML code for better optimization. Let’s […]