Introducing The Flux Report

At Birch Studio, we have long been fans and admirers of green tech marketing – the promotion of technologies that reduce our carbon footprint, reduce toxins in our environment and generally decrease our impact on our beloved planet. Our challenge was that other than planting trees and purchasing carbon-offset credits, we felt like our hands […]

Birch Studio Relaunches Birch Studio

Birch Studio has had a website since the Wild West days of the Internet. Before Google, before Facebook … before your momma got a cell phone. This new site has been completely rewritten to add clarity and definition to our services and products. Like most of our clients, Birch Studio has developed its business to […]

Darden’s Global Executive MBA Brochure

We had three goals for this piece:  introduce a high-end Executive MBA program; write copy at an aspirational level, leaving the details for follow-up pieces; and have it in the Dean’s hands for his international tour in four weeks. We had some thoughts on how to make a single piece of paper say, “I’m worth […]

Changing VEFC to Volunteer Families

The goals established for this project were to create a memorable name for the organization; create a logo that balance caring, vulnerability, family and individuals; and create a brochure, website and branding guide. The name The original name was Virginia Emergency Families for Children. While the name is an accurate technical description, it was too […]

Define Your Clients Then Approach With Precision

It stands to reason that since every office has a computer, every office has computer problems. How does the average computer owner or office manager know who to call? How do you choose one tech-support company over another? NWG Solutions hired Birch Studio to answer that question in their favor. Being in business since 2001, […]

What is a Creative Firm Doing Talking About Process?

How blue is blue? Does it have a tinge of green in it? Can it be more like the ocean at midday? Maybe it’s more of a cornflower blue. A little less saturation and then more toward the purple… In a creative or web development process, there are many things to communicate, some clear as […]

Case Study: Telecom Website Redesign

Founded in 1897, nTelos has kept pace with the times and provided services to dedicated customers in the Central Virginia region. They hold their own against the big four telecoms through unparalleled customer service. Birch Studio has been a customer of nTelos since 1998 and has told everyone looking for a phone company about their […]