At Birch Studio, we have long been fans and admirers of green tech marketing – the promotion of technologies that reduce our carbon footprint, reduce toxins in our environment and generally decrease our impact on our beloved planet. Our challenge was that other than planting trees and purchasing carbon-offset credits, we felt like our hands were tied. We wait while the captains of industry catch up to demand and provide us with more of the infrastructure we need to be better consumers.

Enter: The Flux Report. We thought, rather than waiting for them to help us, we will help them. We took it upon ourselves to research various industries and produce useful information for marketing green tech. We launched our inaugural issue on electric vehicles in mid-January and will publish the report monthly on a variety of industries. Look for our hydrogen report next month.

Our goal for the report is simple: provide useful information to decision makers so that they can adjust their green tech marketing, manufacturing and sales strategies to be more competitive, more successful, and ultimately, help us live lighter on Earth. 

View recent issues of The Flux Report:

Natural Gas Vehicles, November 2011
Hybrid Vehicles, August 2011
Fuel Efficiency, July 2011
Biofuels, June 2011
Wind Energy, April 2011
Hydrogen, March 2011
Electric Vehicles, February 2011