The Ceiling and Floor Shop

After being in business for decades, the main goal of The Ceiling and Floor Shop website was not to increase their business as much as assist their existing clients with their product line before coming into the store to buy. We designed and programmed The Ceiling and Floor Shop website which contains an extensive product […]

CVG/EntreNet Annual Business Forum

Birch Studio is proud to have been a sponsor of this past Annual Business Forum held at Darden. The Forum brought together dozens of leading business thinkers on topics ranging from business plan development to capital financing to growth metrics. We created the posters, ads and program around the Forum theme, Mission Possible: Cracking the […]

Birch Studio Receives Another Reward

We are proud to announce that we won an award last week from the Central Virginia American Marketing Association. We took home the Silver prize in the Excellence in Print Ads category. The ad campaign was recognized for “its unique approach of using a personality to differentiate a professional service.” Our client, Tom Seeley, a […]

One-Stop Shop

When podiatrist Dr. Christopher B. Stewart needed a brochure, he needed detailed medical illustrations to show some of the more common foot ailments he treats. He had good photos and x-rays but only a custom illustration could tell the whole story. We selected our best illustrator for the job, created a custom map for directions […]