Last month, we took our own advice and developed something unique to Birch Studio – something that none of our competitors do. For years, we’ve been adding breadth and depth to our expertise as a design and branding agency. For our size, we’ve accomplished quite a lot. Our work represents many of our clients to their Fortune 500 customers. We are one of the few shops with 5-star rating from the University of Virginia.

Not happy to rest on our laurels, we set out to claim the intersection of our expertise, interests and market opportunities to create something truly unique. A month later, we were rewarded with magic.

We started by broadly studying industries and selected a few which are growing and have the potential for more growth over the next decade or so. We narrowed down the choices to a few we felt that were good matches for our experiences and our interests. It turns out that what all of us at Birch Studio have in common is a love for the greener side of life: sustainability, natural living, progressive thinking. Individually, we also have interests in science, marketing, communications, learning and adding value to every personal encounter we have. We put all of these interests and experiences on the table to see where they might intersect. They had to intersect somewhere, right?

With our trademark creativity, we made something out of nothing and created The Flux Report, a concise marketing tool for businesses in the green technology sector. For each monthly issue, we interview industry experts, research the relevant data and create the information graphics. We hand The Flux Report out like candy.

The Flux Report has provided us with more focus in our marketing efforts than ever before It allows us to give useful information to decision makers in green tech industries, and serves as a beautiful example of how we can make mundane things such as a bar chart from IBM into a captivating piece of information.

After the birth of the Flux Report, we partnered with Virginia Clean Cities to distribute the report to their mailing list and provide even more value to the world around us.

Please take a look when you get a chance. We’re proud of what we have made and would love to do the same for others out there with complex and rich information. After all, it’s a lot easier to give advice to others than it is to follow it ourselves.


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