The Way In

On top of design, clients look to us to help untangle the volumes of information they show on the web. Obviously, one wants a website to be more than a data dump where the user can’t find anything because they are presented with everything at once. The challenge is how to sort out the most […]

Live Arts Website Redux

Lo, and behold! We have had the unparalleled opportunity to rethink and create a website for one of the most original organizations in our region. Live Arts Theater is a supreme work in progress — educating, evolving and entertaining thousands of people a year. With a dozen distinct shows per season, numerous classes, behind-the-scenes events […]

Handcraft in Design

  The reality is that we work on computers for efficiency. (That “undo” button just can’t be beat.) Often, the computer’s limits define the aesthetics of a project. Using real-life materials is a powerful option to create a unique feeling. We’ve used them in a few projects recently. Examples of this can be seen in […]

Local Motion Campaign for Active Living

In addition to the branding of Local Motion, which included a logo and marketing materials, the campaign required a website that would fulfill their unique needs. The clincher for Local Motion was that they would have many partners who would ideally be able to create their own events on the website and give the administrators […]

Blog as Content Management System

    We’ve all heard of blogs. What you may not know is that a blog is a database-driven content management system that, with some agile programming, can be bent to your very will. Using WordPress as the base, we applied it’s web-based administrative area, categories, and multi-level user accounts to make a website for […]

The Power of Duotone

    Printing your marketing materials can be an expensive proposition. However, cutting costs does not mean cutting quality—in design or otherwise. There are many creative ways to have your printed pieces retain impact while not hurting your wallet. One of these is the printing format duotone. The typical full-color print job is separated for […]

Welcome to the Party

Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership prepares the Commonwealth of Virginia’s emerging leaders for public service. Every spring they hold their annual gala in grand style. 2007′s event was more special than ever before, as they honored former Virginia Governor Linwood Holton for a lifetime of service to the Commonwealth. Both the invitation and the program […]

Using custom photography in design

    Almost all graphic design uses some form of photography to a greater or lesser degree. A great photo can make a very successful graphic piece. Images can be obtained from “stock” photo sellers, which offer a wide range of image choice. However, this route does not always produce just the right photo the […]

Now you’re cooking

    The Charlottesville Cooking School is a great example of some of our custom photography in action. The owner came to us looking to bring vibrancy and color to her new business suite. A great benefit of in-house photography is being able to have the client interact with us in the creation of their […]