HappyWhile we say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ every day of the year, this is the time to give thanks in a more robust fashion. So what better way than to embrace our clients in a sort of  “social media group hug” (professionally speaking)? We have moved our testimonials page into the Social Media Century to connect our clients and clients-to-be digitally.


From our vantage point, we see people with dreams in their eyes. We see entrepreneurs and eager tacticians putting their best efforts forward to build something bigger, to communicate better and to shape our collective future.  We are proud and honored to be in such company.


With equal parts of “these guys are great”, and “nice to meet you”, we now connect our clients’ public LinkedIn profiles into our testimonials page so you can find out more about who they are, and – who knows – maybe you can help each other too.


To you, we give thanks. We wouldn’t have made it 15+ years without you.  Happy Thanksgiving. May your cornucopia overfloweth.