One of our favorite campaigns recently happens to be one of favorite types of work – comprehensive branding and communications across a variety of formats.

Print to PDF to web to email to social media, we hit them all in this campaign.

Summit Logo

The primary goal of the Summit was to get people talking – challenges, possibilities, context. The signature piece of the Summit was a moderated case-study based conversation (which Darden is famous for). The logo abstractly reflects an arrangement of equal members forming a larger whole. This drew inspiration from the U.S. Presidential seal.

Summit Stationery

The stationery was a tactical piece used early on to gain interest in the Summit prior to investing much time in any other materials. The logo, sponsors and supporters helped set a level of quality for the event. CNBC was the media sponsor. UVa and Monticello were location sponsors.

Summit Icon Set

Icon set
The Summit was made up of three discreet and unique activities. Each one had an icon to represent it. The icons were all derived from and complementary to the logo. The icon for the Rotunda Dialogue became additionally symbolic with its use of a network diagram incorporated within.

Summit One Pager

One pager
For the most part, we assumed that we’d be working through the invitees’ assistants. We needed something to put in their hand, which they could put on their bosses’ desks. The printable PDF was a perfect summary of the event. Short enough to fit on one page, long enough to pique the invitees’ interest. We turned this piece into an HTML email to send to the invitees with links for registration and contacts.

Summit Website

Imagery, colors, backgrounds, spacing, font sizes – all of these items came into play in the website development. The first phase of the website was essentially an online brochure with a registration form for the Delegates (attendees).

Delegate Page

Interactive Delegates Page
Once we had some momentum with delegates, started highlighting them on the website. Partially to give them some thanks by way of recognition, partially to give other delegates a sense of who was coming. We also added a randomly loading, scrolling portfolio panel of delegates to the home page, so users wouldn’t need to dig to find fellow attendees

Summit Public Events

Public Events Collateral
The Summit included a series of public events, for people that didn’t receive special invites. The collateral for these events included a program, an HTML email, an ad series and various sized posters. Virginia Living magazine, a supporter of the event, ran the ad series to reach a broader audience of the entrepreneurial type.

Delegate Briefing

Delegate program
The program was the most formal and most complete piece of information created. It was presented to each delegate as a tangible welcome and guide to the 2 day event. 44 pages of content that rolled up the website, late-breaking content and a letter from Governor McDonnell to kick the event off right.


Embossing die and sponsor band for Moleskine
As a gift of hospitality and a keepsake, the organizers opted for an embossed Moleskine notebook. It was both sophisticated and practical, as we expected delegates would like to make notes at the event. We modified the logo to work as embossed artwork. We wrapped it in a paper band with the Summit logo and recognition of the sponsors and supporters.

Embossed Moleskine