The first tip in a four part series entitled
Improving your Real Estate Website

So many tools, so little time. If you’re actively marketing real estate listings in this digital age, chances are that you have more information about your promotion efforts than you know what to do with. For today, we’re going to focus on a single, simple element that can have wide-reaching implications on all of your marketing.

Listing-Specific Analytics
You may have heard of Google Analytics. It’s a free tool by Google that allows website owners to see what pages were looked at, where visitors came from, how many people visited on any given day, and so much more. Add just a little bit of code to your website (need some help?) and you’re on your way to collecting a dizzying amount of information about your real estate website.

Once you have Analytics hooked up, you should see data start flowing within 24 hours. After the data is coming in, you can start observing and building your strategies.

Google Analytics

Get Started:

  1. Log in to your Analytics account
  2. In left column, click Content
  3. Click Site Content
  4. Click Content Drilldown
  5. On the Content Drilldown screen, you may need to do a little digging to find the reporting on your listing pages. For RealConnect clients, that next level is a folder called /propertylistings
  6. When you get there, a series of links to property pages are revealed along with the number of visits, the length of time people stayed there

This information gives you a “Top 10 Visited” list of property listings seen on your site in any given time frame.

The power of this information is hard to overstate. When you think of promoting a listing through ads, open houses, showings, etc … this is where your results show up, digitally speaking.

Suppose you are testing out a new advertisement for a property. Ads can get expensive, and you need to know if they’re working. Using this approach with analytics, if you see a massive jump in people visiting the property page from your ad, you’ll have a good indication that the ad is working for you. If you don’t see a increase in web traffic, you’ll know that the ad isn’t getting it done and you can put those marketing dollars into something else.

Do you have an open house coming up? Email your announcement with a link to the listing’s MLS page. You can gauge future interest in the property by click-throughs that you get from your email.

How else can you use this information?

  • Share the link with your social network and see how your traffic ebbs and flows
  • Add a listing to your featured properties queue and follow the traffic spike
  • Benchmark the traffic on new listings against others in a similar phase of promotion

Analyzing the information that you already have at your fingertips brings a whole new level of awareness to your marketing efforts. For help installing Google Analytics, interpreting what it means, or planning the next step, feel free to contact us. To learn more about RealConnect and how it can revitalize your real estate website, click here.