Higher Echelon Branding Gary Travis is an ambitious musician and entrepreneur based on the east coast. His music business endeavor, Higher Echelon, is a platform to showcase his musical talents as well as those of other musicians.

Gary wanted a website that was simple but with lots of flavor. We custom-built his music business website with the purpose of being fun to navigate, easy to expand and never empty, even while he is building up the content. 

We traded the traditional website navigation in favor of a simple, more interactive alternative. The two-page website focuses on Travis’s debut album, “Clouds”  with a secondary page focusing on his story. Travis now has the option to add similar artists within the site’s sliding navigation. We included a boatload of links to external sources to allow him to tether this online presence to the growing variety of social and music-centric websites.

We also created the logo for the music business behind it all. It is more of a corporate logo than a musician’s logo since hot musicians today are adept at capitalizing on their brand, and that almost always takes them into ventures outside of music.

Visit the website at higher-echelon.com.