I can’t begin to thank you [and Linda Kolker] enough for the seminar this morning. It is clear you were trying to cater to our needs and you succeeded! Now I want to take a week off from my day-job just so I can implement all the suggestions/ideas I absorbed. I am inspired!

Thank you for your time and effort and attention to what we wanted/needed to know. I think everyone appreciated you changing gears mid-stream to ensure it all was covered as well as sending the survey out ahead of time so that it was tailored to what we wanted to learn.

I have been to a lot of seminars in my time and I’ve never been to one so informative and interesting. I certainly got my money’s worth and would have paid a lot more because it made such good use of my time.

My heartfelt thanks; I can’t wait until the one on 4/15.

Leslie H. Chisholm, Administrative Assistant