Birch Studio Logo Overhaul One of the most difficult tasks for any business is to provide its services to itself. We recently went through that exercise in the case of rebuilding our logo. Our classic logo, a birch tree silhouetted against a white moon, always on a black background, served us well for over a decade. It, along with the strong color scheme, was recognizable and always fetched positive comments.

The reason for the upgrade? As we’ve grown in experience and market presence, we’ve been focusing more in providing our skills to clients that market themselves to higher-level corporate America. In a nutshell: Fortune 500 companies. The logo had some usage problems as well. It always had to be on a black background, it relied on several shades of gray and always needed some device to cap the top and bottom of the trunk, lest the tree look disembodied.

Our new solution retained the silhouette and same arrangement of branches but is now rendered in the abstract. The tree is also cropped at the edges of the moon so it no longer has to be bound at the top and bottom. The font was upgraded as well to a customized version of Helvetica, the ultimate classic corporate font. The result is a logo that is still recognizable by those who have seen it before and that is on par with the quality of corporate identity we are producing for clients these days.