For this inaugural industry conference, Birch built out the brand around assets previously established on the website, as well as in answer to the request from the Executive Director “I want the poster to scream ‘clean energy’.” We cleaned up the styling on the Wix website, then created conference posters, signage and the agenda.

Work completed:

• Touch up conference website aesthetics: style, spacing, fonts
• Develop brand assets while creating the first announcement poster
• Extend branding to sponsor poster
• Create breakout poster to allow variable data to be filled later by event organizers
• Create agenda for lowest reproduction cost

"Birch provided the professional aesthetic, continuity of design across media platforms, and key collateral pieces that helped make the inaugural Virginia Clean Energy Summit such a success. Having these details right is crucial, and Birch delivers."

Andrew Grigsby, Executive Director Virginia Renewable Energy Alliance (VA-REA) November 14, 2019