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New Milestone


Birch Studio was founded in 1996 and has seen a number of changes in the design and marketing industry. We have grown with the trends and technologies as we have helped dozens of clients navigate the aesthetic and technological challenges of a maintaining a vibrant brand.

• In 1996, we founded the local publication – Healthy Living Directory – and published it for 17 years
• In 2012, we launched the Flux Report, a visually based report on alternative energy and fuels
• In 2014, we launched RealConnect, MLS software for Realtor websites
• In early 2015, we were awarded a grant from the US Department of Energy to build a fuel cell UI and database to bolster B2B relationships in the industry’s supply chain

Through the years of designing and building, there has always been the question of: are we designing the right thing for the right audience? To address this need, we created the Birch Positioning Framework – a process guide that helps communicate your core values to varying audiences.

We are also focusing our efforts on the sectors of alternative fuels, transportation, energy efficiency, real estate and software development. We are developing work for clients including the U.S. Department of Energy, Roush CleanTech, Apex Clean Energy, Secure Futures, Virginia Clean Cities, The Virginia Port Authority, EcoLogix and Pearl Certification.

UI graphic Venn diagram for alt energy real estate and transportation

We built our new website to reflect this focus.