While websites don’t wear out, they do exist in a dynamic environment. Browsers are updated, security flaws are discovered, Internet protocols change, etc. Updating your software is the best protection against malware, and the only way to get new features and better performance.

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The vast majority of hackers break into your site through old software.

WordPress and plugin authors update their software to solve this (as well as to add new features). That’s the great news. The bad news is someone has to keep up with these things. Despite WordPress websites having the tools for maintenance and updates, very few people really want to look after it.

Your Options

A. Do this yourself. Naturally, some parts have less of a learning curve than others. OR
B. Hire Birch to manage all of that for you, put your mind at ease, and gain you the additional benefit of our experience in these technical matters.

Basic Standard Pro
Software Update Frequency As Available As Available As Available
Off-Site Backups Monthly Weekly Daily
WordPress Core Updates √ √ √
WordPress Theme Updates √ √ √
WordPress Plugin Updates √ √ √
Firewall X √ √
Malware Cleanup / Removal X X √
Server Maintenance via cPanel X X √
Help Desk Phone Support X 8% Discount on Shop Rate 12% Discount on Shop Rate
Debugging Software Issues X 8% Discount on Shop Rate 12% Discount on Shop Rate

Minimum 6 month subscription. Shop rate discount applies to existing website. Email, web development and branding services are not included. To get started, please fill in your information below. We’ll get back in touch shortly.