Flux Report: Fuel Comparisons

This month, we changed up the format of the Flux Report to focus on some very interesting data from the Department of Energy. Using popular cars as guinea pigs, we compared the emissions and costs per mile of each of the different fuel types out there. Electric was the clear winner and Natural Gas surprised […]

Higher Echelon Branding

Gary Travis is an ambitious musician and entrepreneur based on the east coast. His music business endeavor, Higher Echelon, is a platform to showcase his musical talents as well as those of other musicians. Gary wanted a website that was simple but with lots of flavor. We custom-built his music business website with the purpose […]

Practicum Partners Branding

Susanna Nicholson came to us wanting a completely customizable website for her company, Practicum Partners. She asked for something clean, simple and in a style which catered to her mature audience. Though she didn’t have a logo, we created one easily in the process of creating her website.   Making the site user friendly and […]

Season’s Greetings

You probably know that as creative people, we draw inspiration from many sources. We are proud of our ability to integrate disparate thoughts into something new. This year for you, we are calling for some help from the animal kingdom to usher in a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous New Year. We salute our […]

2012 – The Year of Uniqueness

This year, we will explore the things that make us remarkable. This year, we will refine our output as a creative firm. This year, we will be unique. I’m in the middle of reading The Purple Cow by Seth Godin. The central message it delivers is that the strongest business strategy is to bring something […]

Introducing Kimberly Sullivan

This fall, we find ourselves with a new burst of life. Kimberly Sullivan joined Birch Studio in October. She comes on with strong sense of aesthetics, a knack for methodical problem solving and high level communication skills. Her BFA in Fine Arts gives her deep roots into the world of beauty. Her work for previous […]

Flux Report Distribution Partners

The Flux Report’s mission is to be a catalyst for change in the greentech sector. We are grateful to the following distribution partners. They re-circulate the Flux Report as a benefit to their members. Please find a coalition near you and join their mailing list. WANTED: We are seeking data partners. Please contact David Robinson […]

Branding and Communication Suite

One of our favorite campaigns recently happens to be one of favorite types of work – comprehensive branding and communications across a variety of formats.    Print to PDF to web to email to social media, we hit them all in this campaign.     Logo The primary goal of the Summit was to get […]

Thanks for the Warm Fuzzies

While we say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ every day of the year, this is the time to give thanks in a more robust fashion. So what better way than to embrace our clients in a sort of  “social media group hug” (professionally speaking)? We have moved our testimonials page into the Social Media Century to […]

Flux Report: Natural Gas Vehicles

This month, the Flux Report highlights the financial perks of converting municipal fleets to natural gas vehicles. Using and interpreting data from a comprehensive report by NREL, we show just how profitable it can be to go green.